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Fly Fishing Lessons


We offer fishing lessons for all levels of angler

( Fly or Spinning )

All the fishing lessons we provide are customised to the clients requirements but can be divided into three categories

Fly fishing lessons for beginners

Fly Casting lessons

Spinning lessons for beginners

Fly fishing lessons or casting lessons can be given at a local trout fishery or on the river spey.  All tuition is in planned and structured sessions and can cover some of following techniques

Fly fishing lessons include, leader make-up, equipment selection and any specific casting techniques that are used. All the necessary equipment is supplied for our fly fishing lessons if required. To book your fly fishing lessons or for any further information on the lessons we provide please Contact Us

Our fishing for beginners lessons can be either a whole or half day. They greatly shorten the learning curve and give you a good foundation on which to build .
Why not book one of our Learn to Fish lessons. These are especially tailored half day fly fishing courses designed with the complete beginner in mind. All equipment can be provided and lessons are held at a local trout fishery or on the river spey designated area that is very suitable for beginners. The main thrust of the coaching session is to familiarize the beginner with the equipment used for fishing

Some of the subjects we would cover are:

Fly Fishing lessons for beginners

Basic set up of rod and line

Roll cast

Overhead cast

Basic leader set up

What are flies?

What flies to use and how to use them

 Contact Us today to book your fly fishing for beginner's session

Fly Casting Lessons

Roll cast

Overhead cast

Single Spey

Double Spey

Dealing with wind safely

Changing direction while casting

Mending and presentation casts

Spey casting with a single handed rod

Distance casting techniques

Casting tuition could also be combined with fly fishing lessons covering different techniques for catching Salmon and Trout as part of a day or course to help you develop your fly fishing skills

There are so many tricks and skills a fly angler can have in their armoury above and beyond the basic roll and overhead cast. Some of these deal with problems such as wind and trees, some are techniques to improve distance and presentation

Spinning Lessons

Back cast

Overhead cast

Distance casting techniques

Fishing Lure selection

So, if you want to learn to cast, improve your style or enlarge your bag of tricks,Contact Us

Fishing Guide Service

We provide a fishing guide service on the River Spey and it's tributaries.

Please see http://www.speyfishing-grantown.co.uk/ website for a sample of available water

Why a Fishing Guide?

fishing guide will help you make the most of your fishing experience, whether you are new to fishing in the area or feel that you are not best utilizing your time on the river. A fishing trip with a fishing guide can offer amazing benefits, even to an experienced game angler.

The aim of guided fishing is to catch fish whereas the aim of fishing tuition is to teach specific skills of techniques

Guided Fishing

The focus of a day's guided fishing is primarily on catching fish (although we make no promises) so, instead of me finding out if there are any particular skills you want to learn, we will choose the method we think most likely to catch on the day. That does not mean that no fishing instruction will be given. If we introduce a casting technique that is new to you or a particular style of fishing that you are unaccustomed to we will provide a structured coaching session to help you get the best out of the method.

If you’ve never tried river fishing before, a guided fishing trip is an excellent place to start. As a fishing guide I am sure to help you improve your casting and fishing techniques.

Couple this with an in-depth knowledge of over 40 Years Experience fishing the River Spey and you have a unique fishing opportunity during which we can help you achieve your fishing potential. All casting tuition and fishing instruction is included in the guided fishing days. We can also supply equipment by prior arrangement.

Prices for fishing lessons and casting tuition.

Fishing lessons and guided fishing

Prices start at £75.00 for the first person then £35.00 per subsequent person

Additional days fishing are charged at £70.00 for ther first person then £30.00 per subsequent person

Please  Contact Us  for a detailed quote matching you exact requirements

Please note prices do not include permits

These cost between £20 and £50.00 per person per day depending on where we are fishing. We can arrange these on your behalf


Transport to and from the fishery / river is included.


We can provide lunch by prior arrangement the cost of this will depend on your exact requirements. 

Pay for your fly fishing lessons with PAYPAL